Transportation of liquid foods

Transportation of liquid foods

Autotrasporti Marangon transports liquid foods in isothermal tankers at controlled temperatures. We organise the transportation and delivery of milk and dairy products, vegetable beverages, oil, wine, water and juice for the leading brands from the food processing industry and bottling plants.

Raccolta e trasporto latte
Collection and transportation of milk


We guarantee the timely and certified provision of fresh milk collection and transportation from the farmhouses to the processing plants.

Latte di soia
Transportation of vegetable beverages


In order to accommodate the needs of our customers, we have invested in specialised equipment, tankers featuring cutting-edge characteristics, which are purpose-designed for the transportation of vegetable beverages, oils and fruit juices.

Trasporto Acqua
Transportation of water


Our activities also entail the transportation of water from the collection point to the bottling plant. We have appropriate vehicles and instruments, short connection piping, non-toxic and sterile materials that ensure the water retains its characteristics and does not come into contact with any external agents.

Trasporto vino
Transportation of wine


For the transportation of wine, we use isothermal tankers with several compartments and various capacities, to accommodate the most diverse needs in terms of both quantity and quality.


Transporting liquid foods requires accurate planning and organised logistics, so that the products reach their destination intact and within the time frames envisaged.

For over 30 years, Autotrasporti Marangon has managed all the necessary steps to carry with the utmost care and precaution milk, wine, oil and juices from the collection point to the processing and bottling plants, such as Cheese Factories and Creameries, Wine Cellars, etc.

The journey to the final destination is followed and tracked thanks to the sophisticated technology afforded by the devices fitted on all vehicles.


We guarantee timeliness and reliability in the transportation of liquid food across Italy, collaborating with both local companies as well as the leading Italian food industries.

Over the years, we have consolidated a relationship based on trust with major European groups in the milk and dairy industry, thereby covering a widespread network of international routes too. Our destinations envisage transportation to various European countries, including France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and Hungary.


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