Reliable lorries for safe and secure transportation

Autotrasporti Marangon believes in long-standing relationships based on trust with its customers. For this reason, the company uses solely owned lorries for the transportation and delivery of liquid foods, personally seeing to their servicing and everyday cleaning.

We can rely on a fleet of 15 accessorised lorries, fitted with liquid filling and discharging systems via independent pump and all the necessary equipment for the safe and reliable collection and transportation of milk, whey, vegetable beverages, water, oil and wine…

  • 12 articulated lorries
  • 2 trailers
  • 1 tractor vehicle

Tanker cleaning and servicing systems

For the collection and transportation of milk and liquid foods, circular-section tankers with ATP type approval are used, with variable capacities of between 32,000 and 33,000 litres, divided up into several sealed compartments, made of stainless steel and fitted with a suitable isothermal lining that guarantees constant temperature and outstanding preservation of their contents.

Everyday cleaning and servicing of tankers are indispensable to guaranteeing an efficient delivery service while retaining the integrity and quality of the products carried.

Manual or CIP sanitising of tankers which are authorised for ATP transportation takes place after every discharge in an area provided by the customer or at authorised cleaning stations. Once the disinfection process is complete, staff members proceed with the organoleptic monitoring process to ensure the process was carried out correctly.

The tankers are equipped with specific compartments for the protective closing of the filling and discharge valves, so as to guarantee greater safety against tampering and to keep the discharge point much cleaner.

Permanent traceability of goods

All our vehicles are also fitted with a GPS tracking device, which allows us to check their position and plan routes to optimise delivery times and notify any route changes in real-time. All this to offer an increasingly fast and on-time service.


If you’d like to know more about our services or wish to request a free quote for your transportation needs, please feel free to contact us.